Central Missouri Cardiology

Patient Prep- Stress Test 

For 24 hours before your test, please do not eat or drink any of the foods, and do not take any of the medications, on the list below.
NO coffee or tea that is brewed, instant, iced or decaffeinated
NO Smoking on the day of your test until test is completed
NO colas or other soft drinks that contain caffeine, including those labeled, “caffeine free”
NO chocolates, including candies, frosting, cookies, pies, cocoa and chocolate milk
NO aspirin products that contain caffeine, such as Anacin and Excedrin
NO Persantine (Dipyridamole)
NO theophylline or theophylline containing products such as Quibron, Slo-Phyllin, or Theo-Dur

This is only a partial list. Check product labels or ask your pharmacist or doctor to be sure of what products to avoid before your test. You should avoid products that contain caffeine, theophylline and dipyridamole. The dose of some heart and blood pressure medications may need to be adjusted, please discuss this with your doctor prior to your stress test.  This will help assure that your test will go as smoothly as possible. 

A staff member will call you 3-4 days prior to your appointment to review instructions.  Certain situations may require your test be completed in two sessions.